How we review our books.

As we all know, we have different taste and style. My daughter and I are pretty broad in the types of books we like. We enjoy good illustrations and story lines to books that just make us feel good. When rating a book I try my best to keep my reviews positive. I do this because well…why waste my time writing about something I don’t like when I can share with the world the things I do like.

So to keep it simple we work with Thumbs:

4 Thumbs up:

*The books is well illustrated

* My daughter stayed interested

*I could use it to teach a life lesson

*It was a feel good book

*Totally buying this book

3 Thumbs up:

*Performs 3 of the 4 tasks from above

2 Thumbs up:

*Mom totally loved it

*Daughter totally loved it

(I’m the one that types so 🙂 )