About Us

I am a book enthusiast! I love to read to my daughter who is the ripe age of 6 (now 7.) I have found comfort in reading during difficult times in my life. I started reading to my daughter shortly after she was born because it was a way for me to connect with her through my PPD Postpartum Depression. To some people’s surprise, I prefer children’s books to most novels. I find that children authors have a unique talent of sending strong messages with fewer words and the use of beautiful illustrations. We look for books with strong characters and strong life messages mixed with all types of illustrations. So whether the story line is formulated to have a character stick out a tough situation or to overcome the awkward stage in life we would love to read it. If you would like follow our adventure we’d be honored to have you as a follower! We also welcome suggested reading!

Follow us as my daughters imagination grows and we take on the children’s literary world!

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