My Life in Smiley – Save Me BK 3 by Anne Kalicky

This Story starts with a teenage boy named Max, who is going to attend summer camp. Max believes this is cruel and unusual punishment, and future humans will never be subjected to such an unfortunate thing. Max brings along a diary which he writes in every night. He carefully places the journal inside his pillow so no one would find it. As Max undergoes ultimate summer camp “punishment’ with no electronics of any kind, his life seems dismal. The food is terrible and the activities boring. With his sense of humor and twist in fate, Max may come out on top this summer. Will summer camp be the cool place to be, or will it always be the place of nightmares?  Read this book to find out. 

I rate this book three thumbs up- the books are full of sketches which helps transitional readers. It’s perfect between a graphic novel and a full-on chapter book. The smileys and emojis were funny and well placed, but it didn’t hold my interest the entire time.

My daughter, who is now 10 gives it a three thumbs up as well. Kat says the book is set up similar to Geronimo Stilton books but relates more to real-life events.

Perfect for 4-6 grade readers.


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