Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins

imgresMother Bruce is a hysterical lovely book about a bear that is pretty selfish but ends up having to put aside his selfish ways to accommodate a small troop of geese. When this grumpy bear goes about his daily routine of stealing eggs he ends up with a surprise that will change his life.

Katherine and I loved this book. We give it a 4 thumbs up!

Visually this book has it all. While you read this book for your child you will chuckle at some of the illistrations.

Ryan T. Higgans is a wonderful author/illistrator. He has a sequel to Mother Bruce called Hotel Bruce. We think it is worth checking out!

Also check out Ryan Higgins website to learn more about this amazing author and his books.



What mom doesn’t feel like this when multitasking! haha- Jenna

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