Small Saul by Ashley Spires


In this book Saul knows he is meant to be sailing the seven seas. However he is too short to be a sailor. So he looks for alternatives to making his dream come true. Saul goes to pirate school! Saul passes pirate school but still has some trouble finding a job. While he didn’t give up Saul finally made it to the crew of a pirate ship. Saul was the best pirate ever! But the pirates didn’t think so…

It wasn’t until Saul was gone that the pirates recognized the value in having someone different than them aboard.

This picture book is about following your dreams and learning self acceptance.

I am reviewing this book not only because I liked it, but Katherine asked if we could add it to our personal library for keeps. It was that GOOD! 4 thumbs up from us! The illustrations are superb!


Ashley Spires

Flora and Ulysses Written by Kate DiCamillo Illustrations by K. Gordon Campbell


Kate Dicamillo does it again with this beautiful story of friendship between animal and human. Flora is a lonely child who is affected deeply by the divorce of her parents. She is a self-declared cynic and hates that her  mom sits up most nights typing romance novels. Flora makes an unusual friend with Ulysses, who is a squirrel, in an unusual way. Flora and Ulysses need each other. This book is a extraordinary example of how animals can be therapeutic to humans in all situations.

Your child will love this action packed book that has the best ending ever.

We give it a 4 thumbs up! We love Kate Dicamillo and encourage you to read her other titles:

Mercy Watson – series

Bink and Gollie


Tale of Despereaux

Follow this amazing author on her personal website! She won’t disappoint!