Mesmorized How Ben Franklin Solved a Mystery that Baffled all of France. Written by Mara Rocklift Illustrated by Iacopo Bruno

MesmerizedDoes your son or daughter love history and science?

The setting of the story takes place in France.  Benjamin Franklin arrived in France to seek support from the King for the American Revolution,. While there he  stumbled on Dr. Franz Mesmer stirring all of France, with his new ideas on drawing power from the stars that allowed him to “Mesmerize” his patrons.

Women and men alike were flooding ballrooms to see Dr. Mesmer.

However, King Louis the XIV  wasn’t convinced and wanted to know if there was any truth or healing to Dr. Mesmer’s “powers”. So he sent Benjamin Franklin to check it out.

Read on to see how using the scientific method can prove or disprove a theory.

Katherine and I loved this book. Although the reading age is for 7 up she was intrigued by the illustrations and flow of the story. This is a 4 thumbs up for sure.







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