Who likes Facts? Who likes AWESOME ANIMAL FACTS?! Check out Julia Moberg’s books!

9781623540487                                            PresidentialPets_400

Katherine and I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Moberg at an Author event at the American Library in Paris. We sat as Julia read sections of her book “Historical Animals, The Dogs, Cats, Horses, Snakes, Goats, Rats, Dragons, Bears, Elephants, Rabbits, and Other Creatures That Changed the World.” Julia has done a fantastic job of not only telling a short story of the animals and their influence over history, she provides Historical Stat’s, Did You Know? Facts and Tell Me More on every page. Talk about dedication! While the illustrator did a great job of adding a bit of humor to Julia’s already amazing book we were pleased to go and purchase this book along with her other book Presidential Pets. We are sure that these books will not only enrich our knowledge on Historical Animals and Presidential Pets, I am most certain that we will be prepared to take on any number of people in a game of trivia! If you can’t buy these books which you can find on amazon. Then you need to check your local library. They are funny, well written and just awesome to read. 4 thumbs up for Julia and her books!

See what else Julia Moberg is up to via her website:


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