The Secret Lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier

P1040388_Princess_bookSo I was thinking today as I sit here and stare at the stack of books that Katherine and I have read lined up for me to post. How much we really do love books. Recently while Volunteering at the American Library in Paris I was browsing through a large book called the 1001 Children/ Youth Books you must read before you die (or something like that). Looking through it I realized I had read a good number of the books either as a child or at least read them in school. As I flipped through the age groups a book in the 5+ stuck out to me. The title was “the secret lives of Princesses” by Philippe Lechermeier Illustrated by Rebecca Dautremer the book was first written in French. However, an english version is published so I was excited! A reason this book stuck out to me was one….the illustration of the cover (AMAZING!) and two well I am living in France and anything about princesses is awesome to me and Katherine.

So as you may judge me for judging the book by it’s cover I do this because a cover a children’s book is going to be what draws the child in to read it. So publishers who have good authors pair them with amazing illustrator’s and so on.

I purchased the book “the secret lives of Princesses” and received it in the mail today. It is AMAZING the work of art for all the Unknown and Forgotten Princesses (which is the direct translation of the French Title) are so unique. The individual stories read like a Mother Goose rendition of fairytales.

With my interest fully invested in this new book and art work I have in my personal collection I decided to look up other books that Mr. Lechermeier and Ms. Dautremer may have written and illustrated together and guess what! There is another! However, it is not available in English it is called “Une Bible”. Lechermeier is an atheist but decided to write a children’s story book about the bible without the “scripture” but in simple form for children to get an idea of the historical significance. While I don’t agree with not including scripture I find that the book has been well received on many levels and is a good kick off point for parents wanting to introduce their children to the Bible.

While doing research on the illustrator Rebecca Dautremer I found I could purchase one of her original pieces of art here in Paris….Only if I sell an organ, but none the less.

All of this to say if you would like to see some amazing illustrations and laugh at some sweet natured humor you need to check out Philippe Lechermeier’s books and the books that Rebecca Dautremer has illustrated. (Mind you they are mostly done in french).

Philippe Lechermeier

Rebecca Dautremer


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