Infinity and Me written by Kate Hosford illustrations by Gabi Swiatkowska

Infinity and Me

Infinity and Me is a story about a little girl who starts wondering what Infinity is. Is it something she can even fathom? She asks others around her what their view on Infinity is. Only to realize Infinity is to never be reached. It is an endless number.

Katherine and I like this book for its wonderful Illustrations and visual views of “Infinity”, stars, numbers etc.  The flow of the story gets thrown off by the random mention of the little girls new red shoes. In the beginning of the story she mentions her excitement desire to show them off then she drifts her thoughts to the stars and the infinite amount of stars. We found it hard to pull a correlation between the red shoes and infinity. Though the shoes were mentioned briefly in the end when her grandmother tells her how nice they look.

While thinking about the correlation between infinity and the little girls shoes I’ve come to the conclusion that for a 5 year old and their sense of time that maybe the little girl in the story felt like it had been an infinite amount of time that anyone had noticed her red shoes. While we as adults generally don’t measure our time in exaggerated terms unless waiting in line at the DMV or bank. It was hard to see from a child’s perspective of infinity.

We felt the story should get a big 3 thumbs up as it is a great conversation starter for the subject of infinity and what it means to others.

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