The reason and season for friendship; The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc

lionandbird_dubucThe book “The Lion and The Bird” written by Marianne Dubuc is a must have addition to anyone’s personal library. The illustrations draw you in to a beautiful story of friendship. As a mighty Lion is working in his garden he finds a little bird who has been wounded. The Lion mends the birds wound, but the rest of the bird’s flock has left for the winter. The bird must stay the winter with the Lion. Bird is able to experience the winter season, which he has never seen because he flies south every year. This unlikely pair end up building a beautiful friendship over the winter season. When spring returns the bird returns to his flock. The Lion feels lonely and misses his friend. When the season starts to change to autumn and other birds start to fly south Lion wonders…will his bird friend return, or go south with the flock? You must see for yourself! 4 Thumbs up on this adorable story!

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